The Distillery Restaurant — in partnership with Joe Bonamassa’s music foundation, Keeping the Blues Alive — raised $8,100 during its recent fundraiser to provide new musical instruments for Rochester City School District.
“Round Up For Music! was our first collaboration with Keeping the Blues Alive foundation, and it was one of our most successful fundraisers ever,” said Randy Slifer, vice president of operations. “The public really responded and, because of their enthusiasm and support, we far exceeded our goal of filling a Rochester classroom with new musical instruments. We are grateful for the support from Joe Bonamassa’s foundation, the public and generous financial support from local banks, businesses and law enforcement organizations.”
Slifer said the fundraiser’s success could open the door for future events that support school music programs countywide.
“At a time when funding for music programs is being cut everywhere, we were able to step up and help with the most basic needs,” he said. “New instruments have a way of encouraging students to explore their talent, rather than discouraging them. This will be a game changer for many students.”
KTBA has donated over $230,000 in music education and scholarships, as well as supported over 50,000 students through funding more than 300 music projects reaching all 50 states.
This is the first grant awarded by the nonprofit in Greater Rochester. The new instruments are expected to arrive at the RCSD Music Department this summer.