Fairport Dollars for Scholars awarded $70,930 in scholarships to Fairport’s 2018 graduates in a ceremony held May 30 at Fairport High School.
“This awards ceremony is a proud moment for Chapter members, students and the community that supports these graduates,” said David George, chapter president.
Eighty-seven scholarships were awarded from funds raised through the annual phone-a-thon, sponsorships and donations.
Scholarship recipients are Ethan Abell, Matthew Adams, Clare Aroune, Taylor Atkins-Lewis, Christopher Barker, Kristen Bednarczyk, Spencer Bell, Olivia Bockrath, Morgan Brady, Emma Brake, Anna Brancato, Jennifer Brancato, John Callard, Elisa Campolieto, Victoria Catalano, Enlin Chen, Shannon Cook, Anna Cuciurean-Zapan, Anna Danesh, Cameryn Dera, Bryce Embling, Daniel Farchione, Emily Fish, John Flannery, Mariah Frazee, Noah Gerlach, Nicholas Giambrone, Leo Golia, Dominic Gombetto, Robert Guilfoil, Anna Haase, Sarabeth Hewa, Kaitlyn Holmes, Jacob Jasie, Hitesh Juneja, Ryan Kavanagh, Jack Kelly, Abigail Kerkezis, Charlotte Klimasewski, Kaitlyn Latorre, Richard Lipinski, Jenna Mathews, Marianne Maysuch, Kaitlyn Messana, Julia Metz, Mackenzie Mortimer, Claire Myers, Thomas Neufeglise, Brennan O’Connor, Claudia Olson, Anthony Pappano, Sheil Patel, Natalie Petruzelli, Daphine Postl, Amaya Powell, Paige Rider, Tiffani Robinson, Majd Rouhana, Zack Salisbury, Samuel Schraver, Tara Schroth, AnnMarie Smith, Hannah Socker, Diana Spencer, Jason Tabit, Grace Taylor, Garrett Thomas, Maxwell Utzman, Kaitlyn Van, Morgan Wood, Amanda Xander and Madison Yandow.
In addition to the DFS scholarship funds, some higher education institutions participate in Scholarship America’s Matching Collegiate Partner’s program. Those institutions participating make further commitments to undergrad students by agreeing to match — full or partial — DFS awards coming to their campus. Three scholarship recipients will be attending Matching Collegiate Partner institutions.
The chapter awards scholarships with monies raised through local fundraising projects and from direct donations. In addition to awarding its own scholarships, DFS administers scholarship funds for other local groups and organizations.
Visit fairportdfs.org for more information.