The summer season is an enjoyable time of year for many; however, with the change of seasons comes safety precautions to protect senior loved ones.
It is important to pay attention to time spent outdoors, types of activities, clothing and water intake.
Seniors can have issues adjusting to heat and regulating body temperature because of prescription medications, age-related body changes and medical conditions. There are various ways caregivers can help seniors be comfortable and safe during this time of year.
Limit outdoor time to cooler hours. Morning and evening hours typically bring cooler temperatures. Make sure to stay out of the direct sun through the use of umbrellas and shade.
On muggy and hot days, staying inside and ensuring cool air is on is a preventative measure. Do not rely on fans as a cooling source.
Do not overdress in hot weather. It is more comfortable for seniors to wear light-colored and loose clothing.
Drink more water than usual; do not wait until loved ones are thirsty. Be aware of lack of thirst, which is a warning sign of dehydration.
“Taking the proper precautions and paying attention to your senior loved one is important to prevent common, life-threatening, heat-related illness during the hot days of summer,” said Bonnie Jensen, director of nursing at The Baird Nursing Home in Rochester.