June is a very busy month for our students, their families and the staff. The school year seems to go by so quickly once Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone.
This is the time of the year when our elementary students participate in field trips aligned to our curriculum and learning standards, along with the traditional field day events and other year-end celebrations. Our middle school students are focusing on end-of-the-year assessments, along with events that honor their accomplishments this school year. At the high school, our AP students completed their College Board exams and joined our entire high school student population in preparing for Regents examinations and year-end assessments. Many celebrations take place at the high school as well, mostly centered on our graduating Class of 2018. They are prepared and ready for college and/or career. We are proud of all that they have accomplished, and celebrated graduation day on June 20 at the RIT Field House.
Our middle school students sponsored a Senior Citizen Dinner in May with Music Merriment to entertain them before eating. Our Middle School Jazz Band and SOS choral group did an outstanding job. This is also the time of year that our marching band makes their spring debut. Several parades and other events are scheduled for the summer. Congratulations to our spring sports teams, including our Unified Basketball team. They each had successful seasons, and continue to excel in and out of the classroom.
Thank you to our local taxpayers that voted on May 15. Your support of our schools and the Gates Chili CSD is valued and appreciated. Congratulations to our incumbent board member, Andrea Hinchey Unson, earning a three-year term of additional service; Andy Bailey and Kerry Keyes will join the board in July and serve a three-year term; and Jeffrey Pettenski will be serving the two-year term. I look forward to working with our board in the 2018-19 school year to continue our focus the Spartan way — respect, responsibility, compassion and hard work — in an effort to set goals that align to the district’s mission, vision and values. We will continue to improve our practice, establish trusting relationships and build leadership capacity to strive to be high-performing. Our students and the communities of Gates and Chili believe in our district and want the best for our children and families.
The summer months provide the time for planning for the future ahead for our district, our schools and the community. This summer will be very busy on each of our campuses. Many of our staff will work this summer to fine tune curriculum aligned to the standards, along with ensuring that our local assessments are authentic and valid. We are offering the free meals program again this year. We have several events and activities for our early readers that include our incoming cohort of UPK and kindergarten students. Also, the capital improvement project work will begin at the high school late in June, and in early July. The first phase includes roof work at the high school and the installation of the new stadium that will include a new track and natural grass field, along with a new turf field.
Several of our teachers and administrators were awarded tenure at the April 24 board meeting. Congratulations to the following, we are very proud of your dedication and loyalty to the students and families of the Gates Chili CSD: Katie Coon, Kenneth Hammel, Rebecca Scott, Julie Stark, Victoria Austin, Kyle Baker, Lyndsay Barravecchia, Kelsie Beikirch, Margaret Drzewiecki, Cameron Gormel, Amanda Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Mihail Maznikovski, Renee Moshier, Jeffrey Rose, Daniel Scarazzo, Martha Silverman, Jessica Smith and Kathleen Wakeman.
We honored our retirees at the June 12 board of education meeting in the Board Room at the Central Administration building. In addition, we honored board of education member Barbara Huether Clark; she has decided to retire from the board. We wish Barb and our retirees the best of luck as they begin this new journey, and thank them for the years of service they have dedicated to the children of the Gates Chili CSD: William Beeke, Karen Bovenzi, Donna Cafolla, Georgina Clancy, John Gaspar, Menka Gorevski, Barb Hebert, Judy Hilton, Mary Ladd, Kathy Lemcke, Kathleen Lesiv, Annette Locke, Marilyn Luff, Karen McCrossen, Corrine Melvin, Gary Pollock, Rita Prosperi, Linda Quinlan, Rosemary Scheuch and Irene Stumberger.
If you are looking to honor your favorite teacher, bus driver, lunch lady and/or other staff at the end of the year, consider a donation to the Gates Chili Education Foundation and/or perhaps a donation in honor of a 2018 graduate(s).
The new school year will be here before we know it. The first day of school for all of our students will be Sept. 5. As much as we love the warm and sunny summer days, we miss having our staff and students in session. We have much to look forward to as we begin the 2018-19 school year.
Enjoy the summer months ahead. My hope is that this time will be filled with relaxing and fun-filled days. This is the time when memories are made as days are long and fruitful. Thank you for supporting the Gates Chili CSD.
Lastly, thank you for supporting me, your superintendent, during my tenure. I will be retiring at the end of the 2018-19 school year, officially on June 30, 2019. Please know that I will be looking forward to my final year, and will remain committed, dedicated and loyal to our students, our families, our staff and the communities of Gates and Chili. My heart will remain in Gates Chili, I will bleed blue forever and “Once a Spartan, Always a Spartan!”