Too many of my fellow “progressive” Democrats (ever notice how almost none of them call themselves liberals anymore?) seem to believe that we should all primarily focus on disagreeing with President Trump and the conservative Republicans about their hateful views on “identity politics” and the “culture wars.”
It is as if they believe that everything would be perfect in the country if only Trump would “make nice” to all groups and individuals in the country and stop insulting them.
Meanwhile, tens of millions of us struggle just to survive and try to pay our bills. For example, there are many senior citizens who can only afford to buy half of the insulin prescribed for their diabetes. They will probably go blind soon, have limbs amputated and die an early death because of it.
So I am criticized by progressive Democrats, like my two friends who have yearly incomes of over $175,000, because I don’t criticize Trump enough for his horrible and divisive remarks and behavior. Instead, I focus on trying to protect and enhance the federal government’s safety-net programs that so many millions of us depend upon for survival.
Stewart Epstein