The memorial service begins at 10:00 Saturday morning.

Family and friends are coming together this weekend to pay tribute to an Orleans County mother shot and killed by a complete stranger.

It's been ten months since Megan Dix was murdered in Brockport, and on Saturday her family plans to unveil a memorial in her honor near the place where she was shot and killed. Her father, David Duncanson, says he still relives that moment over and over again.

“I can see her truck I can see Holly pull into the parking lot and screaming at her and I'm afraid to ask but I would love to know whether she died right away or was laying there for 7 hours before they found her,” David said..

Their fight for justice for Megan continues. Back in March the suspect, Holly Colino, was deemed mentally competent to stand trial. She is scheduled to be back in court next month.

Meanwhile, family, friends, and neighbors are getting ready to dedicate the memorial for Megan Saturday morning. It will be at the parking lot near South Avenue and Owens Road where she was shot while sitting in her truck.

Megan's mother, Deborah Duncanson, says they don't want that area to be remembered for heartbreak. Instead, they want it to be a place where people can go to pray and to think about their beloved daughter.

“Sheriff said she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Jamie called the sheriff and said no she wasn't it was not the place that was to blame for it. This is all on that girl and he said I don't want people in Brockport to think that any part of Brockport is a bad place,” Deborah said.

Megan was the youngest of eight children. She was also married and had a son.

The memorial service begins at 10:00 Saturday morning.