Greater Rochester Quality Council, a Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce affiliate, issued a call for participants for its annual Day of Quality on Oct. 4.
The Day of Quality deploys teams of GRQC volunteer experts to lead projects aimed at lowering costs, time savings, improved simplification and greater customer satisfaction. Nonprofits, businesses, schools and churches are welcome to apply. More than 25 organizations have benefited, at no cost, since the event started five years ago.
An optional, free class on July 19 is open to interested participants wanting to learn about this event, the quality process and related tools and proven methods to identify target processes for maximum impact. Interested organizations can attend the class and get help to identify a potential process for deeper GRQC focus.
Registration for the class is required by July 16. Day of Quality applications are due Aug. 13. Visit for information.
The Day of Quality ends in a celebration featuring the highlights of enhanced processes from each participating organization on Oct. 18.
“Our own team members were very active participants, with GRQC professionals, in the development of a process solution that provided immediate and very measurable benefits,” said Paul English, who participated in the 2017 event with St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish. “We have a good start to master these quality tools to use on more processes. This was not only a day well spent; it was an investment in our future.”