Hazard House, a two-story house on wheels, recently provided students the opportunity to practice their exits and drills in regard to fires, as well as prepare escape plans.
Escape plans involve working smoke detectors, establishing two exits from any room and deciding on a safe meeting place.
A coalition from the town of Greece fire departments — Barnard, North Greece, Lakeshore and Ridge Road — annually educate nearly 2,700 students from Greece Central School District, private and parochial schools. These classes are held at schools over the course of seven weeks, 25 dates and 161 individual classes.
Students in first, third and fifth grades learn how to stay low to go under theatrical smoke, what a smoke detector sounds like, how to escape from different types of windows, how to exit from the second-floor to a balcony in order to to drop a ladder to a safe meeting place and how to use different types of phones.
The program’s fire and life safety educators include Charlie Cappon, Michael Cottorone, Sue Davis, Karie O’Gara, Pete Sidari and Dean Smith.