Patrons say its just the beginning of the problems in the hotel.

The Monroe County Health Department confirms it has closed the kitchen at the Ramada Plaza Hotel near the airport.

This comes just days after it shut down several rooms because of water problems and closed the pool.

A county spokesperson told Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC, that the restaurant was closed Thursday when inspectors discovered rodents in the kitchen and rodent feces in the food.

News10NBC also learned that the pool was closed earlier this week when it was discovered that the chlorinator in the pump was inoperable.

Patrons told News10NBC Reporter Lynette Adams that's just the beginning of the problems in this hotel.

"Its just dirty, nasty and we got kids...all the way from Brooklyn,"

When News10NBC arrived at the Rochester Ramada Plaza Hotel members of a Brooklyn track and field team had just learned the kitchen of the hotel had been closed.

Tanjanika Branch was angry. Sixteen kids and 13 adults came from Brooklyn's CS-21 school for the USA Track and Field National Outdoor Championships but Branch said the hotel was disgusting.

"One of our track kids had a nosebleed. We came back from the track meet. They made up the bed without changing the sheets....that’s nasty," Branch said.

The teams coach, Alexander Webb, says they chose this hotel for the free breakfast and the pool. He simply wanted a refund. But the owner does not give refunds.

"Never in my life have I experienced anything like this," exclaimed Webb.

So, News10NBC tried to speak with the owner.

"Excuse me sir...hello sir...Lynette Adams News10NBC......can we talk with you.?"

The owner proceeded to run into a hotel room and lock the door.

Another customer of the hotel showed off tiny blood stains on their bedding, possibly indicating bed bugs.

When the owner called the police, they tried once more time to talk to him.

News10NBC Reporter Lynette Adams: "If the health department has closed your kitchen, closed your pool....these people want their money back. Why can’t they get their money back?"

Owner: "Get away"

Lynette: "Why won't you give them their money back and let them go on their way?"

Owner: "Get out of here....get out."

Lynette: "Why won’t you talk to me?"

The owner asked track team to leave the hotel. News10NBC reached out to the county about the team's dilemma. The county responded immediately and worked with Visit Rochester to find accommodations for the team.

Visit Rochester found rooms for all 29 of them at the Riverside Hotel downtown and will pick up the tab for the difference for what they would have paid at the Ramada.