What are you reading this summer? Better yet, what are your kids reading this summer? Are you concerned about “summer slide”? Summer slide is the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains made during the previous school year. If you have time, you can watch this YouTube video (bit.ly/18AjuTZ) to learn more.
But take heart! There are a variety of resources available to combat “summer slide.” You can follow tips for combating “summer slide” on social media by checking out #StopSummerSlide. Some involve technology, clubs and some are just good old grab a book and read. The big thing to remember is this is summer reading and choice should be priority for kids. Comic books, poems, articles online and in newspapers count along with traditional books.
Here are five ideas for you to consider as you support your students (and yourself) in reading this summer.
Visit our Greece Public Library — top of my list and my favorite place to recommend, especially if it is hot out. Come on in and enjoy the cool air and atmosphere. There are so many books to read and things to do. Don’t have time to stop? Check books out online. Visit their website at greecepubliclibrary.org/summerreader to see what this year’s summer reading program entails.
Are you on Twitter? If so, go to your search bar and type in “summer reading.” A variety of resources for students of all ages will pop up for you to explore. You might even find some books you will want to add to your TBR list. What is a TBR list you ask? To be read, of course! You might even consider following me @PettiferSuz or @GCSDReads to see what we are doing over the summer at Greece Central to keep the reading going.
Join or lead a neighborhood book club. Are you the Kool-Aid mom? Do kids from your neighborhood hang out at your house? Visit bit.ly/2KnZL0Q for resources to help you select, discuss and participate in book clubs. Sound like a lot? Maybe begin with poetry. No one has to prepare ahead, and reading together builds a social network to have lively discussions around topics of your choice. Reading has become more social than ever. Book clubs don’t have to be run by you as the adult. Many of our students participate during the school year in lively discussions with peers.
Read to your kids. Could 20 minutes of daytime playtime be devoted to reading a group of kids a story, poem or chapter from a book? Once you start, you might be surprised about the depth of conversations you have with your kids. Kids of all ages enjoy being read to. Truth be told, as an adult, I still enjoy listening to someone read a story to me. If you are traveling, consider getting books for the car or downloading audiobooks to enjoy on the way. This counts as reading, too.
Not sure what you want to read next? Check out Goodreads.com. They have free accounts available to connect you with books and readers from across the world.
You can also visit our website at greececsd.org to find connections to local venues providing incentives for students reading this summer. It doesn’t matter what you read, just be sure to read. Don’t get caught in the “summer slide.”
Suzanne Pettifer serves as director of reading and response to intervention for Greece Central School District.