When it comes to keeping their animals safe, workers at the Seneca Park Zoo don't monkey around.

Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC's Robert Speta went to the Zoo to find out how animals are beating the heat.

"At the Seneca Park Zoo, as always, we take great care of our animals," general curator David Hamilton says. "On hot days like we have had lately, we make sure they always have options to get in to cool places. We have misters out there. We'll have additional pools for the animals to get into and sometimes we give them baths, like our elephants."

In some cases, they even get a special icy treat!

"Frozen 'fishsicles' or 'bloodsicles' for some of the cats," Hamilton says. "There are frozen treats out there so they can play with."

If you want to check out the animals, click here to plan your visit to the Zoo.