Students, staff, administrators, community members and friends recently gathered in front of Northwood Elementary School to pay tribute to Andrew Rohloff, a student who died at age 11 in October 2015.
The Rohloff family donated money they raised through GoFundMe to establish three basketball/four-square courts on the school’s grounds. The play areas feature a bench with a plaque in memory of Rohloff.
Principal Kirk Ashton thanked Tim Webber, an architect for LaBella Associates, who helped design the play areas that were constructed as part of the capital project voted on by residents in December 2016.
“Andrew lives on in all of our memories,” Ashton said. “It is our individual vision and recounting of his legacy that will keep those special memories with us.”
Preston Prince, a friend of Rohloff, wrote, “The basketball courts at Northwood give kids the opportunity to experience the gift of Andrew, which is being together with friends and having fun.”
Northwood teacher Laura Mayer said, “When I look at those four-square courts, that yellow box just stands out and reminds me of Andrew’s ‘light bulb moments’ in the classroom and his love of learning and people.”
Mayer had teachers and students come up to the podium to recite the many lessons Andrew taught them — choose happy, try your best, be loyal to your friends, believe it and you can achieve it, just to name a few.
Rohloff’s father, Greg, thanked families and community members who contributed to the GoFundMe account, which amounted to nearly $18,000. He thanked Greece Central School District for facilitating the construction of the play areas, and his son’s friends for keeping his memory alive.