The Salvatore’s Pizza family is paying tribute to employees and support staff that helped the company grow since 1978.
Founder Salvatore Fantauzzo felt it was important to remember those who have been a part of the company since day one. Each year, the company will add new members to the hall of fame.
Inducted franchisees: Hassan Alsafadi, Ramez Alsafadi, Sam Alsafadi, Chris and Toni Avery, John Coraggioso, Lisa DelGaizo, Mike DelGaizo, Greg Dillingham, Charles Fantauzzo, Roxanna Fantauzzo, Salvatore Fantauzzo II, Silvio Fantauzzo, Louis Fernandez, Frank Freida, Jon Gehrke, Dennis Glavas, Jack Grover, Jay Harrison, Carl Horsford, Craig Houghton, Chuck LaRocca, Dave Laspina, Massimo and Sofia LoGuidice, Raimondo LoRe, Ray LoRe, Tonino Mangione, George Moses, Marco Palazzo, Chris and Clay Pearl, Nick Pearl, Mike Perrotta, Irv Pudetti, Nick Semeraro, Steve Stokes, David Sykut and Vinnie Valerie.
Class of 1978-87: Mary Arbore, Sam Arbore, Luciano Arigo, Diana Calabrese, Linda Calabrese, Lisa Arbore, Nino Cilino, Vince Cilino, Phil Coraggioso, Sebastian Curatalo, Joe DeGeorge, Josephine DeLuca, Gary DiGabriel, Eva Fantauzzo, Silvestro Fantauzzo, Valerie Fantauzzo, Chuck Formoso, Tony Gabriele, Al Grimaldo, Dave Gross, Joe Guadagnino, Giacomo and Venera LoRe, Adele Mitchell, Anna Oliveri, Carmela Oliveri, Carm Puglia, Mary Sampognaro and Enzo Vella.
Class of 1988-97: Helen Barbas, Kim DeLuca, Tom Frost, Charles Giglio, Linda Oliveri, Lisa and Michelle Selden, Michael Steger and Cindy Wallace.
Class of 1998-2007: Tim Archetko, John Catalano, Scott Cropsy, Dave Debole, Chelsea Gersey, Rhonda Ingrassia, Kay Johnson, Doug Lockwood, Peter Manglkrammer, Michael Moran, Patty Powers, Alex Raffi, Dario Raffi, Enza Sanfilippo and SoccerSam’s Pizza Pasta Cafe.
Class of 2008-17: Chuck Arbore, Salvatore Coraggioso, Lyndsay DiMeo, Toni Grassadonia, Kayla Kent, Ashley Maria King, Maria LoRe, Rita LoRe, Rich Randall, Brenda Sachs, Patty Valerie and Donna Waasdorp.
Anyone who worked 10 or more years as a manager or contributer can email for information. Salvatores is looking for pictures from locations and employees. Include date and photo description.