In the town of Pittsford, our town crews work diligently to keep our roads clear in the winter and to undertake proactive maintenance and repair once weather permits. Given our climate and other factors, dealing with potholes is a matter requiring perpetual attention, in order to keep roads safe for our residents.
Many of Pittsford’s most heavily-used roads are owned and maintained by New York State. It is a cause of both disappointment and concern that there are places where the state has not kept its roads up to the standards Pittsford strives for. East Avenue has become a particular problem, especially between St. John Fisher College and the village. Potholes abound. By this spring, one section in the vicinity of Bragdon Drive had deteriorated well beyond the pothole stage. The town is not permitted to perform maintenance on state roads. For that we must rely on the state Department of Transportation.
I wrote to the regional office of the DOT on April 30, requesting timely repair of this section of East Avenue between St. John Fisher and the village — the State already had committed to fully repaving the section of East Avenue between St. John Fisher and the Brighton town line. I explained that when residents stop into my office bearing receipts for expensive repairs of damage to cars caused by the road’s condition, I have to believe we’re at the point where remediation is not merely desirable, but necessary.
DOT’s response, dated May 22, was not satisfactory. Vague as to detail, it said nothing about when we could expect action, or whether we could expect any action at all.
Of course, I could not responsibly let it go at that. Following several subsequent telephone conversations with state DOT, persistence paid off. DOT’s maintenance manager agreed to repair East Avenue between St. John Fisher and the Village.
On July 2, State DOT began the work, starting near St. John Fisher College, with crews working south towards the village line. First, they repaired potholes. For the next phase, DOT has committed to sending out a road milling machine to mill and repave the badly deteriorated section of East Avenue near Bragdon Drive. They advised us to expect this work in mid-July; if we don’t see the work being performed by then, I and the town’s public works commissioner will be engaging with DOT once more, to get it accomplished.
Throughout this process, I’ve heard from many residents who support our efforts to obtain these overdue and urgently needed repairs. I think we all recognize that DOT’s commitments, described above, represent a partial fix to a larger problem. I’ll continue to make a serious push, through our state representatives, to have this section of East Avenue included in the DOT’s capital project list for complete repaving sooner rather than later.
Should you have any comments on this topic, or any other, as always you may reach me directly by phone at 248-6220 or by email at