The Weather or Not Garden Club installed a rock garden to the left of the stairs entering the Irondequoit Town Hall.
The garden is the result of a competition for a grant offered by the Seventh District Branch of the New York State Garden Club Federation, awarded in early spring.
In accordance with their mission to be involved in community beautification, the Weather or Not Garden Club recently installed the garden. Each member was commissioned to provide one or two rocks, and a date was chosen for the installation. At the appointed time, members came armed with rocks, shovels, rakes and brooms, ready to brave the 93-degree-Fahrenheit heat.
The area was cleared of weeds and overgrown plants, and rocks were placed around a tree, which had been dedicated to honor a former member, Susan Cooper.
Perennial blooming flowers now occupy the spaces between the rocks. Club members will maintain this area through the summer droughts and fall rains and look forward to its success next spring.