Zuzu, a 5-month-old female hound mix, recently joined Seneca Park Zoo to live in the elephant barn and work with the animals and their keepers.
Zuzu was adopted from Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester.
“We are delighted to welcome Zuzu to our Seneca Park Zoo family,” said Cheryl Dinolfo, county executive. “In addition to helping our dedicated staff enhance their training skills, Zuzu will also provide companionship and enrichment to the elephants who call our zoo home. In their natural habitat, elephants encounter many different species of animals, so our elephants will be well equipped to live happily alongside Zuzu moving forward.”
As an elephant barn dog, Zuzu will play several roles. She will offer an opportunity for zookeepers to learn training skills before training zoo animals. She will provide enrichment for elephants, providing physical and mental stimulation to help the elephants experience unexpected and changing dynamics in their daily lives.
Zuzu will live permanently in the elephant barn, and will join the zoo security team on night rounds. She will receive the best in veterinary care, along with the other zoo animals.