Supervisor Bill Reilich joined United Shoreline members Tim Smith and Frank Panczyszyn; Orleans County Legislator Ken DeRoller; Diane Kuehn, incoming International Ontario-St. Lawrence River board president; and Roy Widrig, of Cornell University, in discussing recent flooding events in the town of Greece.
The purpose of the meeting was to provide Kuehn with details regarding town resident and business experiences in recent years with flooding events. Kuehn will replace current President Frank Sciremammano.
Reilich addressed damages that flooding and IJC Plan 2014 caused in 2017 for waterfront residents and businesses, the governor’s response, residents’ experiences with Bishop Sheen Ecumenical Housing Foundation and steps the town took to assist residents and advocate for financial support.
Reilich brought Kuehn to Goodwin Park on Long Pond Road for a tour to show her the physical implications caused by IJC Plan 2014. As they walked along the shoreline, Reilich talked about the number of sandbags needed to combat the waves, the bladder system that limited flooding damages, different ways in which residents created berm structures to prevent property damages and new procedures set by the town to combat future flooding events.
The tour continued at the Joe Burgio’s home on Edgemere Drive. Kuehn and Reilich toured his property to see the damage, along with other homes that experienced break wall damages, structural damages and interior complications caused by stagnant waters.
Attendees then traveled to Cranberry Pond, the area that experienced severe flooding due to the overflow of Lake Ontario. Throughout the tour, Reilich relayed stories of residents who suffered as a result of the flooding and decisions made by the IJC board.
“Diane Kuehn joined us to listen as we addressed town of Greece resident and business experiences with flooding events in recent years and how IJC Plan 2014 affected them,” Reilich said. “I took Diane Kuehn on a tour of the areas that experienced severe flooding, and was able to show her the consequences the decisions made by the IJC board has caused. I am optimistic that Diane Kuehn will present her notes and relay town of Greece resident and business experiences to the International Ontario-St. Lawrence River board. I will continue meeting with officials on relevant boards and in every level of government to advocate for our waterfront residents and businesses.”