Over the last several years, I have noticed the amount of green space in Greece that is slowly being taken away. When I have brought up this concern to neighbors/friends, the response is always, “There is nothing that you can do about it.”
It saddened me when I saw the gentleman on the local news telling how he now has to look out his apartment window to a barren piece of nothing on Long Pond and Latta. My hope is that the builder will be required to put up large, mature trees in respect to those renters.
I volunteer at Journey Home on Long Pond and Vintage, and I couldn’t believe how another plot of land has been cruelly flattened. Perhaps there is nothing I can do about it, but I’d like to think that we care enough to not only encourage progress but, just importantly, care about what happens to the land.
I realize that we need to allow people to do what they wish with their property. But there is a limit as to what even private owners can do. If there were not, I’d be able to have several unlicensed cars in my driveway or a 40-foot wall around my yard.
I know we all want the best for Greece. We should be diligent about how the land is developed even before a project is started. All trees do not need to be removed for the convenience of a builder.
Let’s hope our representatives are smart on how the land in Greece is developed. People do care.
Carol Hooper