The employee, who originally threw them out, has been retrained.

A happy update came Friday following the discovery of thousands of library books, in good condition, thrown away at a Spencerport elementary school. 

About two weeks ago, Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC got some calls from Spencerport parents who were at a soccer game at Munn Elementary School when they saw boxes of library books being thrown into the recycling dumpster.

News10NBC called the superintendent right away. The superintendent had crews retrieve the books while he looked into it. 

It turns out, proper protocol which requires that the books first be offered to non-profits or parochial schools, was not followed.

Right after News10NBC aired that story, they heard from summer school Principal Stephanie Thompson at Roberto Clemente School No. 8 in the City of Rochester.

Thompson said her students would love the books.

We put her in touch with Spencerport and the result....a free book fair for all the kids!

"I definitely knew that we could find another purpose for them," stated Principal Thompson. "We have a lot of kids that love to take books home during the year so, we have four different programs here in the building and it was an opportunity with so many families and kids in and out."

Spencerport told News10NBC Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke that, as per its protocol, it also checked with a book buyer to make sure the books didn't have a resale value--they didn't.

So, they were happy to pass them along to the students. The employee, who originally threw them out, has been retrained.