Indicted congressman Chris Collins won't resign but wants his name wiped off the November ballot

Democratic leaders in the 27th Congressional District called on U.S. Rep. Chris Collins to “resign immediately” in the wake of his announcement that he is suspending his re-election campaign. The Democratic leaders in Collins’ district also attacked what they called “the corrupt process of suddenly removing him from the ballot, long after the deadline for changing the ballot had come and gone.”

“Once again, the Republican establishment of NY 27 is making the interests of the voters play second fiddle to the desires of their own party to retain a stranglehold on power, no matter what,” stated Monroe County Democratic Chair Jamie Romeo. “Chris Collins has been under an ethical cloud for over a year — under a congressional ethics investigation — but the Republican leaders thought it was just fine to have him on the ballot until a few days ago. It's only when they figured out that this seat was in jeopardy that they decided Chris Collins had to go."

"Republican bosses are absolutely taking the voters of NY 27 for granted again,” stated Judith Hunter, Livingston County Democratic chair. “The federal ballot is set; at least one county in the district has already printed them. But these arrogant power brokers think this seat is theirs to play with and have come up with a corrupt, legalistic sleight of hand without any input from the voters of NY 27. It's shameful."

"If Chris Collins' arrest is serious enough to make him suspend his campaign, why isn't it serious enough to make him resign?” stated Michael Plitt, Genesee County Democratic chair. “We're going to be saddled with a lame duck representative under criminal indictment who has been stripped of his committee assignment and any power in Congress, for what? His arrogant ego? It's a disgrace."

Michelle Schoeneman of East Aurora, founder of Citizens against Collins, stated: "The arrogance of Chris Collins insisting he is going to serve his term out is beyond belief. And the arrogance of the Republican bosses thinking they can just wave a magic wand and replace him on the ballot is equally outrageous."

"We Democrats are fortunate to have Nate McMurray as our candidate for NY 27," stated Jeanne Crane, the Democratic chair of Orleans County. "We know he's going to put the interests of the voters first, whatever he does. He cares about the hard-working middle-class people of this district need, not what shady power brokers want."