The College at Brockport Department of Dance will present two performances from the Trisha Brown Dance Co. at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 6-7 in Hartwell Hall on Kenyon Street in Brockport.
The performances include a Q&A session on Sept. 6 and a public reception on Sept. 7.
While the company is in residence in Brockport, it will reach out to the Rochester community through a master class for dance students at University of Rochester and a public lecture/demonstration at 11:10 a.m. on Sept. 5 in the Rose L. Strasser Studio in Hartwell Hall on the Brockport campus.
According to professor emerita Jacquie Davis, who invited and coordinated the troupe’s visit to western New York, the thing about Brown’s choreography is that “the dances all remain new, fresh and vital, with an organic sensuality and clarity of form. The dancers are stunningly beautiful.”
In the opening piece, “Accumulation,” patterns of movements develop and intrude upon each other, often conflicting with the pattern audiences were expecting. As Brown said in an interview, “When 99 percent of the body is moving to the right, I will stick something out to the left … to set up some sort of reverberation between the two.”
“Groove and Countermove,” part of a jazz trilogy, reveals an intricate world of counterpoint between one dancer and the company, the dance itself, Dave Douglas’ music and the frenetic energy of the movement set against Terry Winters’ visual design. Whether engaged in bold unison phrases or catapulting each other through the air, the dancers create an intriguing environment, at once easy-going and vitally expressive.
In “Geometry of Quiet,” Brown’s second work set to the music of Salvatore Sciarrino, she matched the poignancy and delicacy of the music with choreography that implies a personal, emotional intimacy. The organic sounds of the flute seem to emanate from the sail-like banners that form the first theatrical set designed by Brown.
Rounding out the program are two works from the 1970s, “Locus Trio” and “Watermotor,” as well as one from the 1990s, “If you couldn’t see me.”
Tickets cost $17 for general admission; $12 for senior citizens, Brockport alumni, faculty and staff; and $9 for students. Call (585) 395-2787 or visit the Tower Fine Arts Center Box Office, 180 Holley St., Brockport, to purchase tickets. Visit for information.