Experience Fiber Art, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting freedom of expression through quilts, will host the “Threads of Resistance” exhibit from noon to 4 p.m. on Aug. 24-26 in the Times Square Building, 45 Exchange Blvd., Rochester.
Artists Circle Alliance put out a call for quilters to enter the juried competition after the 2016 elections in an effort to start a dialogue about the current administration’s policies.
Art typically expresses the hope and fear of its time. Quilts historically are associated with political activism, including the abolition of slavery, temperance movement, women’s suffrage and AIDS awareness. The competition featured over 500 quilts; ACA selected 63 pieces for the traveling exhibit that has toured the U.S. since July 2017.
The exhibit addresses current political issues including climate change, sexual assault, immigration, the refugee crisis, racism and sexism, and expresses a range of emotions from sadness to hope for positive change. EFA’s goal in bringing this exhibit to Rochester is to promote civil discourse and discussion about modern political topics.
Admission is free. Visit threadsofresistance.org or experiencefiberart.com for information.