Oh, but here we go once again. Not even four months since the Parkland, Florida, killings and back to Texas with 10 more of America’s children gunned down.
We won’t have to wonder how many weeks before Trump is back on the platform at NRA, murmuring and complaining about how his Second Amendment rights are under siege and never mentioning this last death toll in Texas.
Trump is heartless, right along with the heartless heathens at NRA.
Listen, we have sons who pack their pistols and they are not under siege, but NRA hasn’t done a thing about stopping the purchasing of one single assault rifle/AR-15.
The least this food Trump could do is put a stop to these large killing machines called assault rifles, but he won’t because his Republican yes men and the conservative evangelicals who hide in their churches as they’re so far to the right, they’re afraid to fall off any comfort zones they’re in and speak up and speak out against this soothsayer called Trump.
You want to know what’s under siege in this anything-goes country we call America? The pureness of the truth, but for many people, including evangelicals really don’t care about Trump’s 3,000 lies he has expressed so far.
I believe strongly that his base supporters honestly don’t care at all about his lies, and for most part, as long as he is their great white hope, and the money hungry fool they voted for, the motto is still “it’s all good” when in reality it is not.
Trump is a dangerous and cunning dictator who only gets loyalty from those who have been deceived into believing everything he says.
We are justified in our anger against this overrated person who cares more about his and his fellow gun rights than the death of children killed by these AR-15s.
Who’s next after Trump? Well we certainly hope it’s someone who cares for these kids across this country and puts them up on a platform for protection at any cost and not someone like Trump who puts himself first and his gun protection second.
If you voted for Trump and all his deception, then you have put all your eggs in a basket made of iron; they are already cracked because you have put your trust in a fool instead of your god’s honest truth.
Shame on Trump for all his lies, and shame on anyone who thinks this man will speak out against NRA instead of doing everything and anything he can to stop these assault rifles from being sold any longer.
Why should we expect anything good from Trump, who says he can grab females in their private parts and never says he’s sorry for one thing so far. Trump is a danger to our democracy, you know, form of rule.
His god is his money. Take any of his money, and he may possibly see the wonderful need to get real? There is more truth in the media and certainly in the FBI than what comes out of Trump’s mouth.
The next shooting in any school is not how, but when, because the how is still legal. Either we demand this so-called president to do something now, or please go to needtoimpeach.com. It would be great if both take place. Amen.
Daniel Lynd