So why do this in 2018 when the church has never recognized gay marriage?

Top leaders with Catholic Charities are facing tough questions after cutting a major program. The decision affects couples hoping to become parents for the first time as well as children searching for their forever homes.

The Buffalo branch of Catholic Charities is getting rid of its adoption and foster care division after 95 years because it was approached by one gay couple.

On its website, the group announced it is doing away with the program because it is still under contract with Erie County and the state.

New York regulations ban discrimination against same-sex couples looking to foster or adopt kids. Catholic Charities said it can no longer meet that requirement because it goes against the teachings and position of the church.

So why do this in 2018 when the church has never recognized gay marriage?

"We were in an incontrovertible controversy between what the state is expecting that we would be without prejudice, foster and adopt with couples that are same-sex and the Catholic Church teaching that this is not a marital couple and that a child is better served to be with a man and a woman who are married,” said Sister Mary McCarrick, Catholic Charities Diocesan Director.

All 34 kids living with 24 parents in the foster program now will stay with their homes but they will eventually be swapped to other groups in the state.

The Catholic Family Center in Rochester, a division of Catholic Charities, does similar work. There is no word if any changes will be made here.

The Catholic Family Center issued the following statement to Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC:

"Catholic Family Center does provide adoption and foster care services. We are aware of the decision by Diocese of Buffalo Catholic Charities. We are studying that decision and our own policies."