The MCSO has identified that driver as Curtis Howden.

Charged with assault and strangulation in a prior case, the Brockport man found himself back in handcuffs Wednesday night.

If you travel down Transit Way in the Town of Sweden, you'll see a tree split in half just past Nathaniel Poole Trail.

Pieces of a car, including a side mirror, are scattered around the area.

It is there that deputies with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office responded Wednesday night; finding the empty vehicle in the nearby retention pond.

Deputies were able to quickly apprehend the driver, who witnesses saw walk away when the emergency lights started to approach.

The MCSO has identified that driver as Curtis Howden.

The 39 year old is from Brockport and is charged with DWI, move from lane unsafely, unlicensed operator, and aggravated unlicensed operator in the second degree.

He is not behind bars.

Instead he was issued an appearance ticket for Sweden Town Court.

While that court date has not yet been scheduled, Howden is expected back in court on Sept. 24.

During that hearing he will stand in front of Judge Ciaccio for assault charges stemming back to a police standoff in February of this year.

During that incident, Howden is accused of barricading himself inside a home on Redman Road after investigators say he attacked a woman outside until two people driving by stopped to help her.

According to the Monroe County District Attorney's Office, Howden is charged with strangulation, assault, attempted assault, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and criminal mischief.

All of those charges include three different victims from the same date.

Howden was out on bail from that arrest when he was accused of wrecking his car on Transit Way.

A witness said he almost slammed into the back of her car when she was stopped on Redman Way near Route 31.

"I saw the brights approaching me fast. I looked over at my fiancé and said, 'he's not going to stop. Our baby is going to die'. I veered off to the side of the road," explained the young mom, who was terrified her three-week-old baby was going to be hurt.

She called 911 and decided to follow the car, saying it was speeding and swerving.

At one point, she saw him pull into the Wal-Mart parking lot.

"When he turned, he made a wide turn and hit the median. This guy on a bike was coming, he almost hit the guy on the bike. He turned into a parking spot, hit a shopping cart which flew into the car in front of him," she recalled.

She said he got out of the car and acted like he was going into the store but instead got back behind the wheel.

As he drove off, she continued to follow, dialing 911 three separate times.

"You made that decision to get in the car and drive. If I didn't follow him he would've gone straight down and hit someone head on. I kept calling the police saying 'listen, he's going to kill someone. He almost hit me. You need to get out here," she explained.

During her third and final call to 911, she stayed on the line for 13 minutes describing to dispatchers the crash.

"He was laughing. I broke out into tears. You're laughing about something and you could've killed my family or someone else? And you think it's a joke?"

She said the experience continues to haunt her, terrified of driving with her newborn daughter in the car because of it.