The two officers are now suspended without pay.

It was Rev. Lewis Stewart who blew the whistle three weeks ago claiming two Rochester police officers had brutally beaten and tased Rochester resident Christopher Pate on Fulton Avenue back in May.

Those two officers are now suspended without pay.

Pate has filed legal papers indicating he plans to sue -- naming officer Spenser McAvoy as one of the officers involved.

News10NBC has learned the name of the second officer, but we are not identifying him yet because he has not yet been named in any legal filings.

It's not often that Rev. Lewis Stewart and community leaders see eye to eye but at a news conference Wednesday, Stewart gave Mayor Lovely Warren and Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli high marks for the way they're handling the complaint against two police officers.

"These two men betrayed the citizens of this community."

Those strong words came from the head of the United Christian Leadership Ministry.

At the same time, he said the mayor and the police chief demonstrated "moral leadership" by not tolerating the behavior of these officers.

Pate did not speak at the news conference.

A picture displayed at the news conference showed his bruised and battered face. His mother shared her dismay over the officer's actions.

"I'm very hurt, very, very disappointed and have really bad mixed feelings about law enforcement,' said Sandra Pate. "I know we need law enforcement and we need them to maintain the law, they're a part of society...we need them. But we don't need them to brutalize us, mistreat us and to hurt us."

On Tuesday, the police chief and the mayor announced that the officers would be suspended without pay and possibly terminated if found guilty of the charges against them.

Stewart is calling on Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley to prosecute these officers. He says they're criminals.

"Police misconduct and excessive use of force and the violation of civil and human rights of people has been ongoing in this city for decades," said Stewart.