Every September, it seems there is a flick of a switch and, overnight, our motorists are accompanied by hundreds of school children every morning and afternoon. This year, we have worked very hard to ensure motorists are extra cautious, especially with the new speed limit throughout town.
We’ve never expected our residents to have the speed limit of every road memorized. What we have attempted to do, led by the efforts of our police department, is to ensure that motorists are more cognizant of the posted speed limit on a road, especially near our schools. The “Know your Speed” campaign has been successful in boosting awareness of these recent changes.
The safety of our school children has been a longstanding priority in our community. There is no better embodiment of this commitment to safety than our hard-working crossing guards. I recently had the opportunity to welcome them back for another school year and reminded them of the vital role they play in our town.
Growing up, I just assumed that every community had as many crossing guards as we do in Irondequoit. A unit of the Irondequoit Police Department, on any given day you will find over two dozen crossing guards at posts throughout our town. To my knowledge, no other town in our area has anywhere close to that number. This reflects a long-standing commitment to pedestrian safety in our community, one of which we should be proud.
Can we place a crossing guard on every corner? No. However, that does not mean we aren’t continuously assessing new locations. Recently, I authorized the creation of a second post near the southern entrance of West Irondequoit High School on Cooper Road, ensuring that students traveling from both directions will have the assistance of a guard.
I would like to thank our crossing guards for the wonderful service they provide. Most of these individuals do not view this as employment, but as a labor of love, and we should never take for granted their contribution to our community.
Shifting gears, at our August Town Board workshop meeting, we recognized Deputy Town Clerk Courtney Manuszak with our Staff Spotlight Award. A long-standing member of our team at Town Hall, Courtney has a broad knowledge base and plays a critical role in ensuring the sound execution of the many services that our Clerk’s office is charged with providing. Congrats, Courtney.
Lastly, I’m happy to continue to report that our new DPW Garage continues to be on schedule, and below budget. The structure, itself, is expected to start going up in early fall.