Aretha Franklin, about anything that touch the essence of her existence. What she felt, what she thought, what she feared, what she treasured. She sang about life, which is our greatest gift.
As a lover of all music, I have grown up with her music. It’s not often we find artists that create magic. I could not believe so much power and grace could come from one woman’s voice for so many years.
Her desire to be known for her music, and not just to be famous, had me from the the first musical note she sang to her unassuming public persona.
Far too many people pass on and never live their dreams. Aretha Franklin had big dreams, and didn’t stop dreaming them until they happened. When she sang such memorable hit songs like “Say a Little Prayer,” “Respect” and “Think,” I felt though we were witnessing something special.
Sadly, I missed my one and only chance to see her perform at the Rochester International Jazz Festival, and now since her passing I wish I had an opportunity to be in her presence, to share with her how much I loved her music and maybe have her respond by simply saying “Thank you, baby.”
Tom Turner