The community is invited to attend a wrap-up party for “Her Voice Carries,” a citywide public art project led by Sarah Rutherford, from 6 to 10 p.m. on Sept. 15 at Kaleidoscope Collective, 936 Exchange St., Rochester.
The free party will feature an exhibition of Rutherford’s artwork based on the project, photography of the murals by Lives Styled, food and drink, and live music by Daughters of ArT and Hanna and the Blue Hearts.
Starting in May 2017, Rutherford placed a series of murals in five sections of the city that featured the stories of five local women who seek to lift up the voices of others: Trelawney McCoy, Rachel McKibbens, Imani Olear, Safi Osman and KaeLyn Rich.
The project’s intention is to create a network throughout Rochester that weaves a collective story laced with individual truths, creating connections across the sections of the city. The series seeks to emphasize the commonality of the human experience through the leadership of empowered women.
Each woman was photographed, interviewed, drawn and painted for the project. The murals are located at 548 W. Main St. (McCoy), 114 University Ave. (McKibbens), 71 Parkway (Olear), 111 N. Chestnut St. (Osman) and 938 St. Paul St. (Rich).
The five women featured in the murals will attend the wrap-up party, and speak about their experience and the organizations aligned with their work. Donations will be accepted at the door to benefit Avenue Black Box Theater, Pink Door Writers Retreat, Pop Warner Football League, Refugees Helping Refugees and Yoga4AGoodHood.
“The seeds of ‘Her Voice Carries’ are planted here in Rochester, a city that has deeply impacted my growth as a young artist and a young woman,” Rutherford said. “This project is my love letter to Rochester, and was born from my individual search for connections and desire to understand our city as a whole. We so easily fall into the same routines and networks. I hope to encourage people to expand their circles, allow them to overlap, and listen to the women and their voices around our community.”
The “Her Voice Carries” project is an exhibition at the Memorial Art Gallery through December, which includes a mural with each of the five women as well as a map with locations of the other murals.
Rutherford is slated to start her next “Her Voice Carries” mural outside of Boston. Visit for information.