The primary election is one week away on Sept. 13.

The Fair Election Practices Campaign issued a pledge that candidates can sign to publicly commit to running positive, issue oriented campaigns.

The League of Women Voters and the Interfaith Alliance of Rochester held a news conference Thursday at the Monroe County Office Building, recognizing those who have signed the pledge or who wanted to sign the pledge publicly.

The primary election is one week away on Sept. 13.

"This is about truth and information to the public," stated Senator Joe Robach, "and I almost think its more about the voting public then it is about candidates, although we're the ones who have the tools and we're the ones raising the resources, we're the ones talking to the media and supporters, so it is very critically important we participate as well."

The Fair Election Practices Committee Hearing Panel accepts properly filed complaints from candidates who signed the pledge and will continue to hear complaints until Nov. 5, the day before election day.

To see the list of those who have signed the pledge, click here.