In Richard Hermann’s guest essay on Aug. 23, he warned of the calamities that climate change is already starting to cause in the U.S. and around the world, and suggested two action steps: investors lobbying companies to disclose climate change risk exposure and increased accountability for people living in danger areas.
There is a third step we can take, which will more directly reduce the threat of climate change. We can insist that our elected federal officials add a gradually increasing fee to all carbon-based fuels like oil, gas and coal to better reflect the actual costs of dealing with the aftereffects of carbon pollution. Rather than relying on cumbersome regulation or the current administration’s counterproductive steps to deregulate dangerous carbon emissions, a carbon fee is a market-based solution that will incentivize American ingenuity to improve and implement alternative energy sources.
What about the economic drag of a carbon fee? If the fee is returned to households through a monthly dividend, rather than being kept by the government, studies show that the economy will grow and more jobs will be created, at the same time the health and environmental impacts of carbon pollution are reduced. Visit for information.
Peter Collinge