It is a glimpse into the future of Rochester.

It is a glimpse into the future of Rochester. New numbers show how many businesses plan to hire over the next few months.

The main headline from a report released by the staffing firm Manpower is this is the strongest hiring outlook for U.S. employers nationwide in 10 years. That sounds great until you take a closer look at Western New York.

Rochester is at the bottom of the rankings. The city is tied for last place when it comes to the number of businesses planning to hire people during the fourth quarter of 2018.

Only 6 percent of businesses surveyed in Rochester and Memphis, Tennessee expect to bring on new workers heading into fall and winter. That is a dramatic drop from 28 percent that planned to increase staff in the third quarter outlook.

News10NBC asked a manager with Manpower about the report. He did not get into specifics as for why the numbers are so off, but he believes the survey findings are a little misleading to what is really happening.

"I’m not concerned over the fourth quarter dip in our industry,” added CSP Manager Jonathan Goldberg. “Our business is up 70 percent year over year and we are seeing that growth in areas of manufacturing, skills trades, healthcare, and construction, just to name a few."

Manpower is also working on more options for people looking for work. The group created its MyPath program, an education-based campaign to help employees and customers find and train better candidates.