The local professional chapter of the American Marketing Association recently named six local marketing experts to its board.
Three of the positions replace outgoing board member seats and three are new roles that reflect the organization’s growth.
“As a source for education and networking for area marketers, we’re excited to bring new voices and ideas to the table,” said Alison Taylor, president of the AMA Rochester chapter. “The board has a great mix of representation from big corporations, area colleges, small businesses, ad agencies and consultants from Rochester and throughout western New York.”
This year’s new board members are Carrie Falzone, vice president of website and technology; Gina Godlewski, secretary; Susan Sheppard, co-VP of programming; Emily VanGorder, VP of social media; Beth VanVliet, VP of research; and Tara Weber, VP of communications.
Continuing on the board are Rosie Simiele Bellavia, immediate past president; Zack Cedruly, co-VP of awards; Erin DiVincenzo, co-VP of programming; Laurie Dwyer, co-VP of programming; Tracy Gay, president-elect; Cathy Rubino Hines, VP of sponsorship; Russ McDonald, VP of collegiate relations; Nikki Nisbet, co-VP of awards; Chris Piedici, treasurer; Brian Rapp, VP of copywriting; and Taylor.
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