As the Town Board gets ready to unveil the town of Webster’s budget for 2019, we can once again say that the Town Board worked very hard on finishing a budget that meets the needs of the Webster residents.
Webster is unique in that we have amenities that other towns do not have to budget for. We have a Sewer Treatment Plant, we have our own police department — that only five other towns also have — and we have three unions within the town of Webster that we have to negotiate with every three to four years.
In looking at tax rates compared to other towns with a police department, Webster ranks last in that category — tax rate per $1,000: the town of Irondequoit, $6.51; the town of Greece, $6.32; the town of Gates, $6.10; the town of Ogden, $5.76; the town of Brighton, $5.57; the town of Webster, $5.10.
So when I hear, “for all the taxes I pay in Webster I should receive…,” I have to shake my head because I know of five towns with police departments that have higher tax rates than Webster, and I just do not understand where these statements are coming from. Now, the assessment of the home might be lower in another town, or it may be higher, but that is a whole new way of looking at your tax bill if you are going to do that versus looking at the tax rate.
Most of the time families have their taxes escrowed into their mortgage payment by the bank. The bank recalculates their escrow account once a year and you may see an increase in your mortgage payment at that time.
Does this mean your taxes went up? Yes it does, but it does not mean the town taxes are the full cause for your tax increase. You have to look at the tax bills that your bank sends you, after they have paid your tax bill in either September or January, to understand where the tax increases are coming from.
In the last three years town taxes have gone from $4.60 to $5.10; a 50-cent increase in taxes. This is an average increase of $0.166 cents per year over that three year period. My point here is that you have to understand and look at your tax bill to fully understand where your tax dollars are being spent before statements like, “for all the taxes I pay here in Webster I should receive …”
In the coming weeks I will release the 2019 Town Budget which will stay under the New York State imposed tax cap of 2 percent, and which will continue to provide all the services Webster residents have come to expect and need from your town government. The town of Webster will also remain at the lowest tax rate amongst towns with a police department that our Webster community respects and supports here in Webster.
As always, if you have any questions about your town government, please feel free to contact me during regular business hours at (585) 872-7068; or email me anytime at