At one point in time, they were some of some of the most feared fighters.

At one point in time, they were some of some of the most feared fighters who contended for and won heavyweight boxing titles.

On Tuesday, they were in Rochester, riding tricycles.

This event was more than just a chance to giggle at world-renowned boxers, looking silly on little kids' toys.

They were in town to help raise money for the neighborhood bicycle program, Conkey Cruisers, which helps kids in Rochester exercise through bike riding.

"Many of them grew up in neighborhoods very much like Conkey and Clifford Avenues," said Theresa Bowick, founder of Conkey Cruisers. "So they understand the challenges of neighborhoods like this and they understand that we have to fight for our kids to ensure that they can become the greatest-of-all-time champions. That's what this whole event was really about, making opportunities available for young people through the work that we do with Conkey Cruisers."

Weatta Frazier Collins, daughter of Joe Fazier, heavyweight champion from 1970-73, attended the event and said, "Anytime anybody asks me about Joe Frazier, I sit down and think about how I can help to get the job done. That was one of my father's favorite sayings, 'Get the job done.'"

"Having the community involved in something like this is great," said Ray Mercer, heavyweight champion form 1991-92. "Having us involved, we just had a great time."