Henderson Ford is providing tips to help with the avoidance of accidents and dangerous driving situations with the weather change.
With less daylight and longer nights, residents are encouraged to have head, tail and brake lights checked. There are children and families outside for early bus pickups, upcoming Halloween festivities and night school functions/games. Residents need to make sure others can see their vehicle.
Drivers are more likely to hit a deer in the fall and winter months than any other time of the year. Drive slow and be cautious when driving in a wooded area. Leaves, fog, sleet and rain can cause challenging driving conditions. Residents should give themselves extra time to get to where they are going.
The heating system and windshield wipers are important to defogging windows and keeping snow and rain from negatively affecting your vision.
As it starts to get colder, look at gas, oil, and windshield wiper fluid more frequently. This can help to ensure a safer arrival at a destination. Residents should stock their vehicle up with warm clothes — hat, gloves — a rain poncho, blanket, flashlight and extra batteries, candle and matches, rope, cat litter, jumper cables, safety flares, water, nutrition bars, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, rags, duct tape, tarp, multi-purpose tool, ice scraper and a first aid kit, in case of a worst-case scenario.
“To ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road, take your vehicle in for a check-up. You do not want to find yourself unprepared when involved in a situation with numerous car issues during the upcoming harsh weather in this area,” said Henderson Ford President Randy Henderson.