Gary Brinks, Sr. and his son, Gary Brinks, Jr. pled guilty to grand larceny and served approximately one-year in state prison for their crimes. The duo still owe a significant portion of the nearly $200K that was swiped from an elderly relative.

CANANDAIGUA — A father and son duo that served time in state prison for bilking an elderly relative for nearly $200,000 is asking a judge to reduce their restitution payments.

On Thursday in court Gary Brink Sr. and his son Gary Brink Jr. were scheduled to appear with their attorney, Jennifer Kehoe, to discuss a reduction in restitution payment. The matter was adjourned as neither of the Brinks were present for their hearing.

According to the court docket the two owe $193,615.40 in restitution payments as part of their sentencing.

They were released from New York State Department of Corrections back in February.

Kehoe did not turn a request for comment.