The impending threat of those with pre-existing conditions losing their health care benefits begs the question, should health care be a right or a privilege?
Communities are frequently experiencing weather changes and its impact across the nation due to extreme wind, flooding and hurricanes, resulting in threats of injury, disease and aftermath health issues in affected communities. The dire and emergent need for health care services, such as access to medicine, and the devastating potential for power-failed lifesaving medical machine support and emergency services gives us moments to pause and question. How can we do better?
The nationwide opioid epidemic, mental illness associated with mass killings and gun violence plaguing both rural and suburban communities raise the question, should there be a commitment to making public health a right for all citizens?
Situations such as these gives us the opportunity to raise the issue. Are radical changes needed in the way we view health care in our nation?
Is this the call for a national vision of health care for all? Is this the time for a radical change in our health care delivery system? Is this the time to become a community with a culture of prevention rather than one of disease treatment? And, if so, how do we educate our citizenry to become a more just and fair society in order to achieve this vision? These are our challenges and more.
Increasing premiums, co-insurance payments and copays, to say nothing of increasing drug prices, causes people to go without medicine, needed treatment and preventive services. Is our nation getting sicker?
We can do better! We must do better!
“The surgeon general is responsible for sharing scientifically based information with the public so that they can improve their health. But I will say personally that my goal as surgeon general is to help build a culture of prevention in America so that we are a nation that is as good at preventing illness as we are treating it.” — Vivek Murthy, 19th U.S. surgeon general and founder of Doctors for America.
Gaynelle Wethers