Just when I thought it was safe to open and read The Post newspaper opinion page, I’m assaulted with the return of the demagogic ideologue Curt Smith and all the falsities of his biased drivel. We were under the mistaken impression that The Post had purged their pages of the nonsense that Mr. Smith had spewed out in the past. (Guest Essay, The Post, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018)
While this country is convulsing from the idiocies of one of the worst presidents in American history, Mr. Smith tries diverting attention away from all of the daily lies of President Trump and his administration by attacking former President Obama. If this newspaper had run a fact check on Mr. Smith’s column, he would be awarded more Pinocchios than thumbs-up. There is nothing original in this extended essay that has not been a proven false accusation by the anti-Obama haters from the day he was inaugurated to the day he left office.
Like so many of the far right extremists, Mr. Smith falsifies and distorts the economic achievements of the Obama administration. Let us remember that President Obama inherited one of the worst economic crises since the Great Depression and left office with the economy continuously in an upward trend. Almost all of the economic indicators Mr. Smith claims to credit Mr. Trump have been proven to be distorted or outright false. It should also be noted that most of the economic indicators cited are based on market actions outside of the purview of any president. While some presidential actions do affect the economy (contrast presidents Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt), the economy is more affected by market indicators than by the occupant of the White House.
As someone who has taught the American presidency in college courses, I have many criticisms of the Obama presidency and the division in the U.S. following the election of the first black president in our history. However the vast majority of racial division during President Obama’s time in office was caused by bigotry and ignorance from a population that saw threats to white supremacy by a biracial president. And any division or polarization in our society has only been exacerbated by the misogynistic and racist flame throwing of President Trump. Any charge Mr. Smith makes in his essay about former president Obama pales in comparison to what this country has been subjected to since Mr. Trump was inaugurated in January 2017.
Finally, speaking as a veteran who served six years active duty during the Vietnam War era, Mr. Smith’s attack on the free press and former President Obama rings hollow. Talking to a select group of veterans does not substitute for active military service, as Mr. Smith obviously avoided. And the fact that this newspaper gives him the space to put forth his falsehoods and distortions disproves his own attack on what he calls “America’s slobbering press.”
If The Post is to maintain any semblance of respectability as a community newspaper, I implore you to return Curt Smith to the dustbin of journalistic history where he belongs.
James Swarts