Set your sights on red and sugar maples, and feel stirrings that are autumnal.
Today fog swirls around a high rolling stream. It is herded over choppy waves. A crescent moon beams early morning with astonishing clarity, cradled by the earth’s near circular shadow.
The welcome of another day. It will be several weeks until new cold fronts appear and the shoreline of the stream freezes.
Geese this time of year are blessed with an instinctive wonder lust. They master the rain and wind as they make their way south.
Sit still this morning alone watching the dawn. The skies show red and orange, a canvas even a famous artist could not paint.
Crunch a local apple, sweet and perfect. Lean back and let the morning sunlight warm your face. Like this apple, red and shining the season has ripened.
Only at twilight your day’s memories will return. The Finger Lakes region is autumn in all its glory.
Donna Turner