As a forefather of the young professional groundswell here in Greater Rochester, I have a unique perspective on the issues and advocates for recent college graduates and early career professionals in our area. And I can tell you that Sen. Joe Robach has been actively involved from the very start.
As a forward-thinker, Sen. Robach was a proud supporter and an active participant in the Retain the Brains marketing plan competition in the mid-2000s, enthusiastically getting involved in the earliest stages of this community’s efforts to attract and retain young talent in our region and reverse the “brain drain.”
But beyond recent college graduates and young professionals, Sen. Robach has remained focused on and dedicated to all the constituents in his district, always working hard to grow our region. In contrast, Sen. Robach’s challenger this year has not shown the same level of focus over his career, apparently having changed jobs and professions regularly. A series of partisan political appointments appear to have supported a goal of feathering a political cap and collecting partisan allies and endorsements along the way. Is this what we want in Albany, or do we instead want someone who will truly serve everyone in our district regardless of political affiliation?
Sen. Robach has shown his dedication to all members of our community time and time again. Let’s re-elect Sen. Joe Robach to continue his distinguished record of serving our residents rather than fueling divisive partisan politics. Sen. Robach has shown his long-standing commitment to working collaboratively to make our community stronger and truly representing our entire district in Albany — he deserves our vote on Nov. 6.
Christopher Burns