In a hand written letter to the judge who will sentence Charlie Tan on gun charges, he explains his actions in connection with the death of his father, Lian 'Jim' Tan president of the Canandaigua-based Dynamax Imaging.

CANANDAIGUA — The man about to be sentenced for federal gun charges and who was once tried for killing his father, Liang "Jim" Tan, president of the Canandaigua-based Dynamax Imaging has submitted a letter to the judge explaining his actions.

Defense attorney's for Charlie Tan are making their case ahead of his sentencing on federal gun charges. They're asking for a 5-year sentence.

"I felt like there was no other option, that I had to protect her. Rather than digest the situation, and any other possible alternatives, I acted on impluse leading to my series of immature and irrational decisions," Chan states in the letter.

In November of 2015 Tan's murder charge was dismissed by a judge.

Tan pleaded guilty to gun charges back in June, but previously did not admit to shooting and killing his father, Jim Tan.

Link Charlie Tan's letter to the judge... by on Scribd