Churchville-Chili students recently recognized the commitment and vision shown by the district’s board of education members with special presentations at Board Recognition Night.
The annual evening is an opportunity to thank board members, and demonstrate to the community how students benefit from recent instructional innovations and continued support for the arts.
Board members are Kristen Brumbaugh; Kathleen Dillon; Steve Hogan; Michael Iacucci; Gary Lawniczak; Jonathan Payne; Cheryl Repass, president; Leon Tucker; and Amy Wilson, vice president.
The night started with music from the Senior High School Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of teacher Allison Chipman. Group members included Kyla Alexander, Anthony Calamita, Erika Dick, Ryan Dick, Alexander Mathewson, Meghan Parisi, Isaac Perkins, Patrick Philippy, Charlotte Spaulding, Emily Sylvester and Ethan Wilson.
Chestnut Ridge Elementary School supplied a team of third- and fourth-grade student experts to demonstrate two of the district’s most popular technology applications: myON and Reflex Math. The company was led by Kim Giancursio, literacy 1-4 instructional coach and Lisa Zeznick, math and science K-6 instructional coach.
MyOn is a literacy application that gives students access to a vast library. They can read or listen to books, monitor their own reading, annotate text, rate and review books, and respond to reading using quizzes or a written response format. Additionally, teachers are able to create book sets and projects, monitor student growth and volume, and utilize student data to drive instruction.
Reflex Math is used in grades 2-8. Students employ interactive games and activities to practice the math facts they most need to learn, as determined by a brief progress check at the start of each session. Comprehensive reports are available for teachers and parents, and students can monitor their own progress as they practice.
Students explained the applications to board members and school administrators, and then invited audience members onstage to see the technology for themselves. The CRS tech pros included Zachary Abbate, Karalyn Allen, Eirnin Bacon, Lucas Cariola, Christopher Cirri, Paige Cook, Owen Finnemore, Keyari Green, Kenadi Heeg, Kiley Keipper, Brody Kinney, Nikash Kohli, Grant Marra, Riley Marra, Michael Miroff, Tajinay Moore, Adelyn Mora, Nolan Morse, Connor Moyer, Colin Schamback, Sam Sheible, Allie Snyder, Tori Snyder, Nehemiah Sorochinsky, Preston Tensley and Colin Tracy.
The night ended with a presentation to board members of original artwork created by middle schoolers Kaitlyn Allen, Morgan Booth, Ada Carlson, Evan Carter, Sabrina Cousins, Jalela Diamond, Emma Klug, Violet Kolupski and Kylie Romich. The work was produced under the direction of art teacher Susan Kagel.