The Margaret Home, 207 W. Filbert St., East Rochester, will host a celebration/fundraiser to feature the near completion of the physical aspects of the facility at 6 p.m. on Nov. 16.
The event will highlight the near completion of The Margaret Home that will house eight moms in newly renovated living spaces. The pregnant women will also have access to a caring and self-sustaining home environment along with training, employable and entrepreneurial skills. The added benefit of on-site job skills and experiential training provides moms with access to hands-on job and entrepreneurial skills, job experiences, employer partners, links to jobs and income to sustain their households graduating from the home.
The annual event will report on the status of housing and support services to pregnant moms in the region and why the Margaret Home is key in the Rochester Region. The aspects of the Margaret Home program model includes entrepreneurial and experiential job training in partnership with employers to increase skill levels, job readiness and career pathways.
The event will thank the investors to date. It will include an appeal to donors and organizations interested in helping to complete the home’s development — kitchen and training center floor — and secure operating funds to launch the home. The remaining fundraising goal for 2018 is $200,000.