Walking up the driveway to our handyman, Moshe’s house, I waved to his wife Barbara, exclaiming, “Did Jack and the Bean Stalk move-in?” She laughed. “I know!”
I was mesmerized by what I saw. A vine with mammoth-sized heart-shaped chartreuse leaves which climbed to the tippy top of the Saat’s rooftop. I stared in amazement, sure the plant was growing right in front of my eyes.
The sight of this verdant giant-sized squash made me smile. I couldn’t help but ask my dear friend Moshe, “What in the world is happening here?”
“When my mother, Madeline, died last year, I traveled back to her hometown in Beersheba for the funeral. For her shiva, my sister Carmela cooked the final standing pale squash plucked from her kitchen garden using my mom’s favorite recipe, adding lamb and rice. Carmella then gave me and my sisters a handful of the remaining precious seeds. When I returned to my Brighton home, I threw my seeds on a patch of soil in the front of my garage, believing summer’s sun and rain would provide the perfect environment for the vine to take off.”
I saw the results of this planting a little differently. The heart-shaped leaves represented to me Madeline’s love for her son and the green vines as her blessing for his family’s continued growth and joyful future. The sight of Moshe standing beside this giant plant with his huge smile made me think that his mother is recognizing and thanking Moshe for all he has done for his Rochester community.
As part of our staging team, Moshe paints ceilings or decks, organizes basements, landscapes, makes repairs and much more. He has helped dozens and dozens of Rochester area homeowners prepare their properties for sale. As my wingman for the last two decades, Moshe helps implement the “honey-do-list” of items needing completion prior to the Grand Opening of a home entering the market for sale.
Michael Hudson, the executor of his mother’s estate, including a home she lived in on Georgian Court Road until she was 92, in his letter of recommendation writes; “To call Moshe a handyman would be a disservice. He staged the house, had dumpsters delivered and removed as I needed them, and helped me on a moment’s notice to carry furniture and pack the house. He also moved all the house contents to a storage unit in Massachusetts near my house. On more than one occasion, Moshe stopped by the house to bring fresh fruit and homemade sandwiches. He also called multiple times in Massachusetts to remind me of things to do. I could not have completed the move without him and feel honored to have met him.”
Moshe’s excellent work is second only to the emotional support he provides each home seller. Initially surprised by the home prep needing completion, sellers come to know that Moshe’s dedication to task has taken a major role in their selling quickly and at the highest price possible. It is Moshe who coddles the clients, keeps them focused on the rationale for the work. It is Moshe who inevitably on his second day on the job brings diced mango or melon from the public market, homemade banana bread, baked eggplant or a unique delicacy he has created for his family’s dinner the night before.
The squashes growing atop the Saat’s home will soon be ripe, ready for Moshe to prepare his mother’s favorite recipe, which will surely become gifts from Moshe to family, friends and newest clients.
Madeline’s squash and lamb recipe available upon request.