Recently, I visited Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance and its dedicated members at its community open house. Its operations and facilities are as impressive as its members.
Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance has nearly 100 emergency medical technicians, paramedics and dispatchers. They’re ready to serve at a moment’s notice. They enable PVA to provide emergency response services to our community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additional volunteers help with administrative duties and community outreach programs. Like our volunteer fire department, they exemplify the tradition of neighbors helping neighbors.
While no one wants to think about experiencing an emergency, being prepared can help you get through a difficult situation more easily and help emergency responders meet your needs more quickly and effectively.
The folks from Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance offer these tips to prepare for a health emergency in your home:
Emergency responders will struggle to find your home if your house number is not visible. Make sure your house number is easily spotted from the road.
Prepare a list of your current and past medical conditions, all medications you currently take, and any allergies that you have and keep in in an area where all family members can find it; this information can be critically important to EMTs called to assist you.
If you experience an emergency and call 911, take a moment to contain any pets if the situation allows. Your pets will sense your anxiety and may react negatively to emergency responders entering your home. Containing your pet will help to ensure its safety and the safety of those working to assist you.
Education and training in emergency care is also a good way prepare for the unexpected. Community instruction for CPR, first aid, and automatic external defibrillators use, as well as safety and emergency care information, is available through Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance. They also offer walk-in emergency first aid at their base at 40 Tobey Road and operate a loan closet that provides canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs to Pittsford town and village residents at no expense for up to 30 days.
To the dedicated women and men at Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance: my sincere thanks for your caring commitment to our community. To our residents: To learn more about PVA services or to become part of this team so important to our community, visit PVA’s website at for service and volunteer information. As always, should you have any comments about this or any other topic you may reach me directly by phone at 248-6220 or by email at