The New York State Supreme Court Judges Association recently presented its Jurist of the Year Award to Matthew Rosenbaum during a meeting attended by judges in the 7th Judicial District at ARTISANworks in Rochester.
The 7th Judicial District encompases an eight-county region in western New York.
“I am honored to receive such a distinction, especially among friends and colleagues I hold so dear,” Rosenbaum said. “To be the first judge in the 7th Judicial District to receive such an honor is very humbling and I deeply appreciate the recognition.”
The award is given based on a judge’s knowledge of the law, conduct, integrity and independence, both in and outside the courthouse.
“Justice Rosenbaum has been one of our exemplary judicial leaders,” said Daniel Doyle, president of the Supreme Court Judges Association. “He is always available to his fellow judges, and handles himself with dignity and kindness since taking the bench over a decade ago. He is always courteous and patient to all the attorneys and the general public appearing before him.”
Rosenbaum is the supervising judge of the Supreme Court Civil Division, and chairman of the commercial and medical malpractice divisions within the court.
“He is keenly aware of human frailty and reminds us all not to take ourselves too seriously,” said William Taylor, a member of the awards committee.
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