DeWitt Road Elementary School students have been focusing on spreading kindness and showing gratitude throughout the school year.
This schoolwide emphasis was celebrated on World Kindness Day on Nov. 13. Students and staff met on the backfield to form the sentence, “Be kind.” With his drone flying overhead, School Principal Mark Schichtel captured the event on camera.
“It was such a wonderful moment for our school community,” said Schichtel. “We provide our students, staff and families with a positive, caring and kind environment each day and World Kindness Day was just another opportunity for us to share our message with one another and our community.”
In addition to forming the sentence, “Be kind,” on the backfield, students painted rocks with positive and kind messages for a school “Kindness Rocks Garden,” which will be on display in the school in the coming weeks. Each teacher also received the picture book, “You Be You,” to read to their class as a common, schoolwide read aloud. The planning for this week of events began in September with fifth-grade teacher Jennifer Berrigan and school librarian Kimberly Scibetta.
“We wanted to celebrate our kind and caring school community and to bring awareness to World Kindness Day,” said Berrigan. “We thought this would help our students, staff, and families see that every act of kindness, no matter how small, can really make a difference in the world.”
Throughout the school, evidence of kindness is on display. From “kindness matters” posters, to the fifth-grade students in Sarah Connor’s class who were awarded a grant from to make bookmarks with positive and uplifting messages on them for students in the school.