How much longer are we going to rearrange the rubble in Afghanistan and Iraq? A great American family now mourns the death of Brent Taylor, a husband and father to seven beautiful children, who gave his life in Afghanistan. For what? Our “national security”? So democracy can reign in this dreadful part of the world? So we can root out terrorist camps? None of the above.
We have the most powerful military in world history, and we allow ourselves to be tied up for 17 years because we fight wars on our enemies’ terms, just as we did in Korea and Vietnam. What a disgrace!
Now is the time to bring back every American soldier (and “adviser”) from these two countries, and let every member of Congress know we won’t stand for this garbage any longer. Hundreds of billions of dollars and, more importantly, American lives are way too precious to waste trying to influence foreign countries to behave the way we think they should.
Dennis Regan