The town of Brighton Highway Department began its fall leaf pickup program in late October, and our Highway Department crews are now engaged in leaf pickup, along with completion of the final projects from this past summer, including the completion of the Monroe Avenue Green Infrastructure Project. As I do each fall, I want to share information and emphasize some reminders about leaf pickup.
I strongly recommend containerizing small amounts of leaves, either in containers like trash cans or in the brown paper bags available at hardware and home supply stores. Do not containerize leaves in plastic bags. Containerized leaves help keep our neighborhoods neater, and our crews will be able to pick them up faster and more efficiently. If you have too many leaves to containerize, do not pile them in the street where they are dangerous to children — who may find playing in leaf piles irresistible — and to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Leaves piled in the street can also clog storm drains, increasing the risk of neighborhood flooding during the inevitable fall rains. Speaking of storm drains, if you have one in front of your house, please remove any leaves or debris that may block drainage and cause neighborhood flooding. The town does not pick up grass clippings; they should be left on your lawn to decompose and improve your soil.
The town webpage,, highlights leaf collection throughout the fall season. The webpage includes two maps showing where highway crews will be picking up bulk piles of leaves and containerized leaves. Both of these maps are updated daily throughout leaf pickup season and generally show the areas expected to be covered for that day and the following day.
The town of Brighton will be working overtime on leaf pickup again this season, thanks to continued funding for overtime staffing in the 2018 budget. Saturday pickup dates will continue through November and December. Even with the overtime, at peak leaf season, expect at least three weeks between bulk leaf pickups at your home. Containerized leaves are generally picked up more frequently, so put leaves, lawn and garden debris in cans or paper bags whenever possible. Although leaf pickup may be temporarily halted in the event we receive a significant snowstorm, if our highway crews need to clear snow from our streets, leaf pickup will resume as soon as possible after the storm and will continue through December.
Remember, wet leaves make braking distances longer when driving, and the short days mean students are often walking to school in the dark. The Brighton Police Department continues special traffic enforcement in the Twelve Corners, so drive safely this fall especially when changing road conditions make driving hazardous.